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Drake, arguably the biggest artist in music, once spoke the lyrics, “without 40 Oli there’d be no me”. 40 Oli Shabib is Drake’s longtime producer, and audio engineer, who has perfected his sound, and has helped create hit after hit.
Collaborating intricately with an experienced professional audio engineer could give you the edge needed to create quality music necessary for finding opportunities and gaining a larger fan base.

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Tribe Trinity Entertainment offers a community of business-minded artists, working together to enhance and further develop skills and connections. As an audio engineer and recording artist, T. Witz works personally with each member of the community to develop the best music they can produce.
Reach out today for an introduction to the studio and the Tribe Trinity community-based in Las Vegas Nevada. As the lead audio engineer, T. Witz focuses solely on the music and developing artists. Please contact Aaron Overton to book a session today!

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The process

Here’s what a typical three-hour music session looks like.

1st Hour



First, the artist records their vocals or live instruments. All analog data would also be converted into wave format.

2nd Hour



Next, we add effects and equalize the track while keeping the structure of the track according to the artist’s preferences.

3rd Hour

Final Mix

Final Mix

Finally, sound levels for all vocals and instruments are checked to ensure they sound perfect on any and every sound system.

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